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29th June 


This morning Bartlett Tree Experts removed the nest.  The operative was wearing a disposable suit, dust mask, eye protection and gloves. He also had climbing gear to ensure his safety when ascending the tree. The nest was picked off and double bagged. His disposable suit, mask, gloves etc were also double bagged and were to be delivered to Kew along with the nest for incineration.

The drop zone under our oak tree has been cordoned off with red & white tape to discourage access. No wood or other garden materials may be removed  from the cordoned area for 24 months.



21st June

Notice received from Forestry Commission dated 18th June

We have now received a notice to treat the OPM at Brambles. Initially The Forestry Commission will treat the one nest found so far. That's the good news. Next year we have to treat all oak trees within 50M radius of the infestation between 1 April2016 and 30 June 2016 at our expense - that's the bad news. Brambles are to liaise with Oldfield School as to next steps.
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 19th June 

Brambles has, unfortunately, an Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) infestation. Fortunately only one! The area has been cordoned off with tape so please take care. The area is under the large oak tree and adjacent to the pedestrian entrance from the school. The whole of Brambles has been checked by a representative from the Forestry Commission.

In some people, a severe reaction can occur when they come into contact or breath in the the hairs of the caterpillar. If this occurs please seek medical attention without delay.

Oldfield Primary School has several nests within its grounds.  We are now awaiting the Forestry Commission's advice as to our next steps to eradicate the caterpillars.

Please visit for further information.



 OPM Nest
 OPMoth Surveyor
 Forestry Commission booklet (click for info)
 Oak leaves

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