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8metre cherry tree taken down at Brambles

On a bright, but cold afternoon on 2nd December we removed a dead cherry tree from Brambles.
It had become dangerous and so it had to go and be turned into camp firewood!
Three tree specialists from a local company arrived with their equipment and were soon making an excellent job of
clearing away the undergrowth and smaller trees that would obstruct the falling tree.
Having removed the ivy clinging to the tree to expose the 500mm trunk they set to work with their chain saws cutting a deep V into its front. A rope had been attached at a high point to pull over the tree when the backcut had been made.
With several hard pulls the tree came crashing down exactly as planned.
Finally the tree was cut into manageable chunks ready to be moved to the wood pile in the spring.

As you can see in the photos below the tree was in a very rotten state.
With the heavy ivy and top branches it would have fallen in a high wind perhaps causing considerable damage.



Before the fall !

500mm trunk
All roped up!
After the fall !

 Rotten to the core!

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