The Activity Centre of Holy Cross, Greenford Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Cub Scouts, Rainbows & Beavers 

Roof work completed!
23rd November 2010

 Phase 3 - Completed
The Tent Store

The store has now received it's new covering and will remain water tight for the next 25 years - all being well!  The work has been completed ahead of the original schedule - 31st  March 2011.

Our thanks go to Ealing & Brentford Consolodated Charity & GrassRoots for their generous grant.  Our thanks also to Skyline Roofing for their support. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this project such a success.

All three roofs are now in excellent condition and ready to face the promised winter snows which are forecast  to hit us very soon!!!

  Phase 2 - Completed
The  Lodge

   Phase 1 - Completed
The Equipment Store

Just  a reminder!

The 'before photos'

   The leaking Lodge & Tent Store
  The very porous Equipment Store
June 2010

The Activity Centre of Holy Cross,Greenford Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Cub Scouts, Rainbows & Beavers
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