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Kantar Worldpanel at Brambles 2011

On a glorious day, the hottest September since 1895, Kantar employees joined us at The Brambles for the second year running.  We were very pleased to have five people join us for the day which was both a team building event and the company’s contribution to a charitable cause.

We all met at 10am on Friday 30th and everyone was soon tackling the many different jobs around our Centre. The day was extremely hot but this made no difference to the huge amount of, very physical, work that was carried out.  A new trail was opened up through the woods. Within the wood a meeting circle was cleared and large seating logs were placed around the perimeter. This will add a new dimension for our young people to explore. Close to a ton of timber was recovered from the wooded areas and added to the campfire wood pile. The ever present brambles received an enthusiastic trim. Scrub was cleared to reduce the fire risk from old dead branches that were lying about.  The ground around  the new trees was cleared of competing weeds and the existing trails were tidied up. A very large pile of material was assembled ready for burning later. Even the benches were given a coat of preservative ready for the winter’s onslaught! Finally the flag pole & basketball hoop received a new coat of black paint. Just before our volunteers left, Bryan organised a short game of..…... Conkers!  These were gathered up from one of our chestnut trees and for some, this game of conkers was a first!! 

The very productive day was a huge success.  Our thanks go to Kantar and everyone who contributed to such a superb day. Brambles Outdoor Centre is now thoroughly prepared for the winter and the new 2012 season. 

   Immediately following our day of activity, a group
of scouts used the site for a weekend backwoods camp. This was the first time that they and their leaders had been to Brambles and they were very impressed with both our day’s handiwork and our site. That evening the scouts enjoyed an excellent camp fire made from the material we gathered earlier in the day!

Thank you Kantar…............... we hope that you will join us again next year.

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The Activity Centre of Holy Cross,Greenford Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Cub Scouts, Rainbows & Beavers
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