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Autumn Volunteers at Brambles
Wednesday 20th October 10am to 3pm

The day started a very cold two degrees with a ground frost that had settled on the grass. Under a bright blue sky ten volunteers from Kantar Worldpanel arrived at The Brambles ready to work on the wood pile and clear the trails ready for winter. With the help of Andrew and Bryan, who had their work cutout thinking up new areas of work that could be carried out as everything was completed in double quick time! The woodpile was cleared and a massive heap was made on the grass.  A 'corral' was made and all the wood sorted and  returned to the pile and packed safely away.

A huge amount of work was completed and by the end of the afternoon they had finished every job that we could find for them. The group have left our site looking spick and span ready for the winter. Everyone worked really hard throughout the day and we are extremely pleased with the results.

Woodpile before work started                                                 The corral almost built  

All wrapped up and ready to go!                                               At the end of the day

Several other jobs were soon under way.  The garage door was repainted, the benches given a coat of preservative, trails were de-brambled and three trailers of logs were collected from the nearby school.  As the tractor failed to start the trailer was dragged up and down the field by muscle alone and the timber deposited on the wood pile!!

Building the corral.                                                                  The garage receiving a much needed coat of paint.

The brambles being de-brambled.                                            At lunchtime an impromptu game of cricket ensued                             
                                                                                            with a found ball and a piece of wood!

From under the wood pile popped out a common newt.               The 'Bash Street Kids' and their basher!
(unfortunately they are not so common now so it was
quite a surprise to see one)


me action shots!                                                     




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